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Jessica's First Quarter

College Escapades

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Welcome to my page!

I am the author of the exciting new adult, romantic erotica, short story series: College Escapades! Like you, I have been an avid reader of romance/erotica novels and short stories for many years. Writing has always been my passion and I am so lucky to be able to focus full time on this genre that I love so much! I am thrilled to share my original stories with you!



When eager college freshman, Jessica Swain, arrives at her new home in a brand new city, she meets a handsome, wealthy stranger who instantly steals her heart in a whirlwind romance. Overwhelmed by her newfound opulent lifestyle, Jessica begins to doubt herself and question the motives of everyone around her. Will Jessica get her emotions and insecurities under control before she sabotages her new love affair? Or will Jessica be proven right and discover that her lover is not who he pretends to be?


I am a wife, mother of two, and spent many years as a copy editor for a major publisher. While I truly enjoyed my work, I derived the most joy from writing my own stories. The long hours at work prevented me from fully exploring my creative side and I felt as though I was not fulfilling my life’s purpose. I followed my heart and left the corporate world in order to dedicate my time and energy to this new endeavor! I have never been happier!

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